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Take a few moments to watch this video, it’s the story of South American DJ/producer Luis Santillan aka Luke Santos. His latest single, a collaboration with George Yammine on GU 

Music was released very recently and shows what a remarkable man Luis is. Luke Santos you may remember was a working DJ, who after being discovered in Miami, toured the world spreading the progressive house message. Moving to Chile was both a blessing and a curse for Luke. Highlights included playing at the Chilian edition of the Berlin Love Parade, a tour the following year which took him across the country and a life-changing appearance on the Chilean Telethon, an event that collected funds for handicapped children.

He had it all, and then with a tragic car accident in January 2002, everything was taken away from him. His spirit, however, was never broken and years later as the video shows, Luke once again played in front of a sea of people in his beloved Chile for Love Parade.

It wasn’t until 2003, and with rehabilitation, that he began to take music production classes. But such was his passion, that by December the following year, he had finished 15 tracks and 4 remixes.

Now relocated to Amsterdam, Luke continues to make incredible music as the world’s only quadriplegic artist.